20/02/2015 19:32

Days of Old

With all of todays gadgets we sometimes forget how much fun can be had with the
simple things in life. Things from days gone by and our own childhood. The boys
have a few modern gadgets and so do we. And while they are fun to
play with, we still love the simple things that allow them use their
imaginations as well.  I have to admit it, we are suckers for things that
we remember from our childhood. Take what Tanner and I found today while
shopping at our local craft store.    

Do you remember those?? My husband and I do. I don't know what they used to
cost back in our time but they were only $1.00 at the craft store today. So in
the shopping cart it went. Tanner was fascinated with it and wanted to know
what it did and how to use it. So after lunch we sat down and I showed him. He
played with that thing for an hour and a half straight!!! The whole time
telling me how cool it was and how much he loved it! That was
priceless. My boys have such wonderful imaginations! They are constantly
playing pretend. They never cease to amaze me, they are so creative. I love
it!! One of Corbin's favorite pass times,coloring, was one of my
favorites as a child. Oh how I loved to color! And he has gotten pretty
good at it too. Take a look at his latest masterpiece.

He loves to tell stories as well. Every night he tells a very long and detailed story
before bedtime. And the other day he drew a picture and wrote a story to go
along with it. Who knows we may have a future author and illustrator on our
hands. Tanner's favorite pass time....anything that involves balls, baseball,
football, basketball, balls, balls and more balls!

The hubby and I believe in unstructured play time. While there is nothing wrong
with having some structured activities in kids lives, we still believe they
need the unstructured time to just be kids. In today's society so many kids
have nothing but one activity after another that they are participating
in. Remember when we were younger? We didn't have a string of activities that
we were scheduled to do. We played outside on our swing sets, rode our bikes,
and played with our toys inside. Remember Saturday morning cartoons? You would
wait all week just to watch. Then at noon they went off and it was off to play.
Those were simpler times. And even though I love modern technology, I miss
those days. Things moved at a slower pace and that was just fine by me.