02/02/2015 20:05

Changes For A Better Life

Today will mark my fourth day of being Gluten Free. The first two days were not as
hard as I thought, but the third day was a tough one. I almost caved, but I
stayed with it. Today I have been searching the internet for some yummy
homemade gluten free recipes and I have come across another blog I am exicted
about simplysugarandglutenfree! Her recipes look yummy and she
has put the connection of sugar and gluten together with some of her health
problems and along the way found out it reduced her sugar cravings. This is
exciting news for me!! I also found another great blog elana's pantry.  She went gluten free after
she and her son were diagnosed with celiac disease. I ordered one of her
cookbooks Friday and I am ordering Amy's Simply Sugar and Gluten Free today.

I love to bake and honestly this is my biggest hurdle. It's not something I
want to give up completely so I will find alternatives and the plus
side....they are healthier choices. That's great for me and my family. I want
my boys to grow up healthy and strong, so eating a healthier foods and
exercising is something we will do as a family to improve all of our health.
Lucky for me the boys LOVE their fruit, if only I could get them to love their
veggies. Since we have started to up our water intake  they have been eager to
follow our lead.

The reason I have decided to go gluten free and will go sugar free is my
health. I have had some issues for years and some new issues have popped
up over the past few years. I have had severe acid reflux since I was in my
early teens. I had my gallbladder removed shortly after I gave birth to my
oldest son and more recently have developed IBS. I suffered from Post Partum
Depression after the birth of my youngest son and still continue to suffer
from bouts of depression. I have suffered from anxiety as long as I can
remember and I also have a Mitral Valve Prolapse, which contributes to the
anxiety. I have had some weight issues that I never had when I was younger and
acne as well....ugh!! The big call to action for me was recently when the
fatigue and body aches have started and became more severe. I have two young
rowdy boys that I need energy to keep up with and enjoy! I have been reading
about gluten and sugar and the side effects they can cause for a few years. I
finally decided enough was enough it's time to take action. The chances of a
celiac test having a false negative is very high and you have to eat gluten to
have the test done. We don't have insurance and the cost is very high!! So I
decided to eliminate it from my diet and see what the results would be. So far
after just a few days....my stomach has not been bloated or swollen. My energy
level is slowly working it's way back.

It's a big lifestyle change and sometimes it's seems as if I am doing without.
However if this works the way I hope and think it will it won't be about me
missing anything in life, it will be about what I am gaining in life. Energy,
better health and happiness.