14/01/2015 22:11

5 Things You Wish You’d Known About Being a Parent

Tuesday and time to link up to Nicole's Listable Life meme.
This week is 5 things you wish you'd known about being a parent. Oh my, what
don't I wish I had known? You think you are prepared and everyone tells you
that your life will change, but you just don't get it till you are holding that
baby in your arms. Here we go.....

1) How much my life would change! I know people told us it would and we just
laughed and said yes we know. But oh no we did not know! There is no way
to describe this to parents to be. Just like there is no way to describe what
labor will be like. Trust me I begged  women to tell me what it was
going to be like. I do not like being unprepared, but both being a parent and
giving birth are just something that I don't think you can be totally prepared

2) That your kids really will grow up too quickly. Enjoy them when they are
little. Take time to snuggle them and hug them. Really be there in the present
time with them instead of worrying about tomorrow.

3) I wish I had known that my boys would have such a big piece of my heart. How
do you describe how your heart can ache for your child when they are hurt or
when you think of them being all grown up? I wish there was a way to put this
into words, but like so many things that have to do with parenting it is
something that you have to experience.

4) As much as it pains me to admit this, there is no such thing as a perfect
parent. We are human and we make mistakes. How I wish I could be the perfect
Mom and never make a mistake when it comes to my boys. But as hard as I try I
always seem to fumble.

5) Enjoy time with the hubby without the responsibility of children. We took
for granted all the times we could just get up and go do whatever we wanted.
All that changes once you have kids. We had Corbin 2 months after our 1st